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Today's bridesmaid dress is called the Ava Gardner Dress. It is made of silk shantung and duppioni by Siri

This dress is called "Bella Fuxico". It is handmade with silk taffeta, organza, and swarovski crystals by Priscilla Costa of Brazil.

Cupcakes have really taken off as reception fare. When we first posted about them last year, some brides-to-be and their families were iffy on having cupcakes in place of the traditional wedding cake. But now they're popping up everywhere - and guests seem to love them. Just one more option for the ultra-creative ladies out there who feel the need to shake things up.

Kylie Lambert of Le Cupcake

Stuffed Cupcakes of Nutley, NJ

Sugar Craft by Rosie

How about cake on the top, cupcakes on the bottom? Courtesy of Alana Hodgson.

ABC Cake Shop and Bakery

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