Black women are blessed to be able to enjoy a wide range of hairstyles, whether relaxed or natural. We're often contacted by natural brides-to-be who want to thank us for the styles we include on our hair blog, because they've had a hard time finding what they're looking for. The good news is that right now lots of natural stylists, loc-ticians, and braiders are putting out the word that they are creating formal styles for women who are tying the knot. One of them is Nedjetti (seen in the upper-left photo), a stylist in the New Jersey/New York area. Several of her hairstyles are below, and we'll be featuring many more on African American Wedding Hairstyles along with all of the other natural, relaxed, texturized and braided styles we continue to spotlight.

Hair by Nedjetti Salon
Bloomfield, NJ & NYC

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